pencil lines#132 and olw “2”

today, I’d like to show you my interpretation of  pencil lines’ #132 sketch:



and this is a fab layout made my little daughter Aurora:


and this my page for olw. this time, the word is “two” to celebrate the second years of this blog!!!! and to make big celebration the olw-girls offer us fab prizes!!!! you have only to comment the post and wish to be #25 or 50 or 75…etc!!!! there are 8 big kits…..go go go……..


this is a frame of a group of 3 that tell about our story: first Marco and me…2…. then Aurora’s birth….and we become 3. and finally, with Lorenzo we are 4!!!!


7 Risposte

  1. Che belli Luisa! e Aurora promette davvero bene!!!!!!
    Ti faccio tanti auguri di compleanno anche qui!
    ‘ciotti ‘ciotti

  2. Ciao bella, sono passata a trovarti apposta per farti gli auguri. Buon compleannooooo!!!!!!!!!! Spero che passi una bellissima giornata…… 🙂


  3. Ciao Luisa sono passata per farti tantissimi auguri di buon compleanno!!!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous layouts! Love what you did with the word TWO!!!!!

  5. auguri Luisa!!! Buon Compleanno!!!

  6. gorgeous!!

  7. love your layout for OLW and guess what? My birthday is May 7th as well!! Happy Birthday to you!


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